“A gritty memoir that gives readers a cop’s perspective on Chicago crime.”— Kirkus Reviews

5 starsI Love this Book and I Can’t Wait for his Next
By: James Belushi on April 25, 2016

Pat captures the heart of Chicago in Chicago Street Cop. Pat IS Chicago- loyal, strong, dedicated, serving a higher purpose: his community. It’s the side of a police officer that you’ve never seen. The thinking. The strategies. The adrenaline. The fear. Putting himself on the line at all times. Pat is the role model for what a Chicago cop- or any police officer- should be. His stories are incredible, detailed, and harrowing. From going up against Asian gangs to the gangs on the west side of Chicago, you cannot put this book down. I’m a slow, slow reader and I read Chicago Street Cop in a day. I love this book and I can’t wait for his next one. As an actor, this is a perfect book to read for research while fully developing a character in a police drama movie. Pat McCarthy is one cool dude.

5 starsGreat Ride-Along Experience
By: James Reiter on September 26, 2016

Pat McCarthy is an engaging author. He keeps the stories moving at a quick and steady clip. He writes in such a manner that you feel like you are on one “ride-along” after another, seeing and experiencing everything first hand. I hope that he has plans to write more.

5 starsFive Stars
By: Thomas Finnelly on September 25, 2016

Worked with him and every word is true

5 starsGreat Read!
By: John M. on September 25, 2016

I took Pat McCarthy’s Street Crimes class three years ago, and it was one of the best classes I’ve ever taken. I was fortunate enough to attend a class he personally instructed. When I saw that he wrote a book, I bought it as soon as it was released. It was a great read, and helped me recall some of the stories he told in the class. Looking forward to his next book!

5 stars Awesome!
By: Juan Q. on September 19, 2016

Doesn’t get any better than this. He is a truly big city cop.

5 starsGreat Memoir and Account of Chicago History
By: David Nelson on June 20, 2016

Great memoir featuring some harrowing stories from one of Chicago’s roughest eras. From scouring wreckage of Flight 191 to working undercover with some of Chicago’s toughest gangs, McCarthy paints a grim but honest portrait of Chicago. At the heart of the story though is an honest cop looking to do right by his city, his partners, and his family.

5 starsI Loved Reading His Book
By: Robert J. Weisskopf on June 13, 2016

While I was a Chicago police officer at just about the same time I never met Pat until recently at a book signing. I loved reading his book. It brought back many great memories and some tragic ones as well. He tells the truth and it hits home. This is an accurate description of what it was to be a cop during that time. Thank you pat. You brought a tear to my eye and a laugh to my heart.

5 starsMcCarthy Always Delivers
By: Det. Wayne Johnson (ret) on June 5, 2016

Pat is an old friend and one the the most well respected police officers on the job. The names and places he talks about ring familiar and the harrowing stories are true and accurate. Pat is a great cop and great instructor and will influence officers for years to come. Kudos Pat it is great that you put your career to paper. Pat is truly the real police. More officers should do this it is cathartic. A History of Violence:: An Encyclopedia of 1400 Chicago Mob Murders.1st Edition

5 stars
By: Cam Swags on May 27, 2016

I did Pat’s class a few months back with my unit and went right to the front of the class so I wouldn’t miss a word. Given my vertically challenged stature, my feet didn’t hit the ground. Pat didn’t think twice about tossing his roller case under my desk so I could be comfortable by placing my feet on it during class. And for three days, it was there waiting for me. When we heard about the book, a few of us bought this masterpiece and read it while we laughed and learned about street crime techniques. Pat’s book is excellent! It meets the criteria, laughs, and some tears while learning about life in streets of Chicago as copper. But, I must say, if you ever have the pleasure of taking any classes he presents, do it. The man behind this book is passionate about his work and loved being a cop, not to mention he understands and appreciates the challenges cops are faced with nowadays. Get this book; there is always something to learn. Thank you Pat.​

5 starsGreat Book
By: Tvskmvstr on May 22, 2016

Super fast read, great stories from a real Chicago cop. This book is a page turner. I finished it faster than I expected.

5 stars
Great Book – A Must Read
By: Judy on May 19, 2016


5 stars“The Whole Truth and Nothing But the Truth”
By: Marla on May 9th, 2016

Wow! I’m a Chicago girl and hearing Pat name the streets and places described in the book, CHICAGO STREET COP” was a journey in itself. Home sweet home (not so much) ! As a Police Psychologist, I have treated officers, firefighters, ATF and DEA agents over the tenure of my career for trauma and PTSD. This book is incredibly exciting, honest and gives you an up close and uncompromising look at what these extraordinary officers do for us everyday. The raw emotion, politics, secret societies and rules and regs of the CPD are exposed to the public in a way no one but someone who has lived the life could express. I was honored to receive an autographed copy of the book with a more than generous shout out to my work with this population. Do yourself a favor get your head out from under the covers and read about the dirty underbelly of this city, and most cities for that matter, and be sure to make an effort to thank a cop, because you have no idea what they sacrifice for us everyday. Congrats on telling us the unvarnished truth and thank you for all you, your father, grandfather and now son did and do on our behalf everyday. You are a hero in my eyes. All my Best, Doc Mar

5 starsReal Reading & Real Events
By: Harold Bone on April 10, 2016

I was a Chicago police officer for 31 years and have read a lot of book about being a cop, this book takes you from a boy watching his police officer father putting on his uniform for work,to the young boy growing older starting the police academy to his first assignment and seeing the good,bad and horrible things people do in this world thru his eyes during his time as a undercover officer, gang officer and swat officer.. Good reading and truthful events.

5 starsGreat Book: Pat did an Excellent Job in Putting his Police Career into Words!
By: Danny Sampila on May 1, 2016

I don’t read too many books, I couldn’t tell you the last time I read one or what it was. I know Pat put in a lot of time and effort into writing this book. So the least I could do is read it. I was very surprised as to how easy it was to read and how fast I actually read it (two settings). Pat did a great job in telling the different paths his career took him and the extremely interesting cases he was involved in. He has an excellent memory in remembering the different feelings he had from growing up in a police family and to now his son being a fourth generation Chicago Police Officer. Being a police officer is a very difficult job balancing family, work, side jobs etc. And even now more then ever with the focus on the police being extremely negative. This book is a must read for any police officer to get an insight into what your career could be and how to be the real police. Great job Pat.

5 starsAwesome True Cop Stories
By: Natalie on May 9, 2016

Great TRUE stories! Pat was able to put all of his emotions and fast paced judgment calls into words. As the back cover reads, take a ride along with McCarthy… I truly felt as if I was on a ride along with him and each of his different partners. I got to know them as well and got the true vibes of each scenario Pat and his team were involved in. I felt like I was his backup while he was undercover buying drugs in the projects. One can only hope they have a “Johnny Taylor” on their team. Chicago Street Cop opens your eyes to the hard work and dedication cops offer each day while putting their life on the line. Can’t wait for the next book!!

5 starsPat Did a Very Good Job
By: Frank R. on May 15, 2016

Pat did a very good job in putting this book together . His police accounts were right on the money. Pat worked for me for several years in the Gang Crimes Unit and his duties performed were just as accurate. Couldn’t put the book down and read it in two evenings.

5 starsFelt Like I was Right There & Had to Keep Holding my Breath!
By: Amazon Customer on April 12, 2016

A great read and insight into what it’s really like to be a cop in the city. I felt like I was right there doing a ride along in each and every chapter. I could feel every emotion Pat was experiencing and at times had to hold my breath until I got to the end of the paragraph. I couldn’t put it down and in fact read it straight through in one sitting. It gives us a better appreciation for what our men and women in blue do to serve and protect us. I thank God there are people out there like Pat that want to do this job and give it their all each and every day. Can’t wait for the next book!

5 stars
By: Erika Clark on April 27, 2016

Once you start reading this book you will find it hard to put down . Thank you Pat for sharing your police experiences with us well written and remembering April 3, 1986 and Officer Richard Clark

5 starsEnjoyed it!!
By: Mathilda on May 14, 2016

Fabulous true to life story. Enjoyed it !!! True stories. Met him years ago !!! Good guy

5 stars
By: Eileen on April 25, 2016

I found Chicago Street Cop to be a very interesting , eye opening, and thrilling account of some special units in the Police Department. I know being a cop is a very dangerous but rewarding job/calling. But hearing my brother Pat’s long honorable career put into a book was AWESOME. I’m so proud of him and all he has done for our city and its people Our Mom and Dad would be so proud too. I would like to mention my beautiful sister in law Gail who has been there with Pat through it all. I love you both.  Your Proud and lucky OLDEST  sister, Eileen

5 starsGreat reading
By: Amazon Customer on April 22, 2016

The book is excellent reading. It is factual and holds your attention. Being a retired police officer, I can relate to a lot of the situations. He is pretty spot on with the way things were and are.

5 starsGreat book
By: Amazon Customer on April 23, 2016
Great book. Being a cop myself, I had some good laughs reading it.👍👍👍👍👍

5 starsGreat Book!
By: Ed S. on May 1, 2016

Great stories from a real street cop. Thanks for serving honorably!

5 starsEnjoyed his Personal Stories
By: Lynette on April 16, 2016

Entertaining read about law enforcement in Chicago. Enjoyed his personal stories. Great perspective about dealing with crime and the camaraderie and team work of police officers. Highly recommend!

5 starsThe Next Best Thing is That it Goes to Screenplay and Hits
By: Bruce A. Sokolove on April 16, 2016

Pat McCarthy is Pure Chicago Blue and his story is real. Warning to all cops who pick this up: Do NOT start it unless you have a leave day to finish it! It’s a compelling page-turner that every cop can identify with, but most never experienced with the volume and intensity. The next best thing is that it goes to screenplay and hits the big screen and/or television (or, even streaming on-line with Amazon Prime!). Me thinks Pat can play himself! Must read!

5 starsBoth on the West Side and North Side were Indeed the “New Idea” at the Time But Turned into Horrible Puts in which to Live
By: Daniel E. O’Connell Jr. on April 17, 2016

I was one generation behind the authors father, and the 4400 club, but one generation ahead of the author, and grew up on all the streets he so accurately describes. At a young age was enchanted with a girl who’s father was a Maxwell Street Station copy, and my Aunt May and Uncle Joe lived right around the corner from St. Benedict’s. The projects he worked in, both on the west side and north side were indeed the “new idea” at the time but turned into horrible pits in which to live. Had the younger Walsh boys as boy scouts in later life, and knew their Dad to be a proud and dedicated cop. Having a chinaman in any political job was a must, and he is right, you never gave away your chinaman. Cops like Pat McCarthy are tough, determined , and the only thing we have going for a civilized society other than education. Can’t wait for his next novel.

5 starsPlain talking Chicagoan revels in his life as an adrenaline junky COPPER!
By: Joanne “Jody” on April 12, 2016

I enjoyed reading this book start to finish. McCarthy speaks ‘Chicagoese’ which True Chicagoan’s understand clearly. Love it when he says that he always wanted to be a copper! Apparently a family ‘calling’, he is proud to follow his Grandpa, Father into the business and lead the way for a brother and sister who joined the CPD. He also has two sisters with long careers in the Chicago Fire Department. The book is fast paced leading you through the authors years on the force…promoting through the ranks and being present for many exciting and dangerous situations. My adrenaline was pumping as he clearly described his love and fear of being on the street as a proud member of the Chicago Police Department. Looking forward to more, please!

5 starsThe Real Police
By: Bob DiTusa on April 11, 2016

I was a Chicago Police officer for 22 yrs. Worked as a gang specialist with Pat McCarthy for many years. I just want to congratulate Pat on what I believe to be one of the best written cop novels I have ever read. This book gives real insight into what police work, undercover police work, and the amount of stress that is put on police officers every day. These stories are true accounts, that enable the reader (be they police officers or civilians) to clearly see what it is like to serve and protect. It’s a look into a certain type of police work that not many people are privy to see.
A job very well done…and I wouldn’t expect anything less from Pat McCarthy.

5 starsBy Far the Best Nonfiction Book I’ve Read
By: Amazon Customer on May 8th

By far the best nonfiction book I’ve read, and I love to read. Feels like you’re sitting in the room with Pat and he’s telling you a story. The book places you in the heart of the life of a Chicago cop, and this cop has heart! Could not put it down. You will be changed by the stories. This book has made a difference in the way I see people in my life. This guy is a five star story teller.

5 starsYou Won’t Be Sorry!!!
By: lastcast on April 6, 2016

What a great read! Pat McCarthy put his extensive police experiences into a tell it like it is book. His time as an officer goes far beyond what the ordinary police officer could ever experience. There are a lot of cop books out there written about stories that the writers heard about. You can just tell that McCarthy lived these stories. I hope this author has more to share with us in the future.

5 starsOne of the Best Big-City Cop Books Out There!
By: Stephanie McIlquham on April 9, 2016

Pat has some amazing stories of what he went through as a big city cop and tells the truth about it. I enjoy his sense of humor throughout the book, even when the subjects were not for the weak hearted, which made me never want to put it down.

5 starsChicago Street Cop
By: Jean on April 10, 2016

Let me start by saying the Author Patrick McCarthy had an amazing & stellar career getting the bad people off the mean streets of Chicago. Wow! What a great read. Didn’t want to put it down. A career that 95 percent of Police Officers will never experience. The dangers that surround a big City like Chicago could not be for the weak. It takes integrity, character and brute strength to endure day after day, spanning more than 2 decades to clean-up the high crime areas. Officer McCarthy never wavered in his desire to be the Best of the Best, and boy did he deliver in every aspect of his career. He gave the job everything he had and lives to tell it. AWESOME!! Let me end by saying, Patrick McCarthy is my brother & with great admiration I am proud to be his Sister, JEAN McCARTHY

5 starsAuthentic, Gripping, and Captivating
By: John M Wills on March 5, 2016

Pat McCarthy has written a terrific memoir/true crime story that’s a must read for both law enforcement and civilians. Chicago Street Cop is a no holds barred true account of his career as a Chicago police officer. The author writes in the first person point of view, a technique that allows the reader to see and feel both the fear and euphoria McCarthy experienced throughout his twenty-six years on the job. His desire to help people, as well as his willingness to insert himself into dangerous situations, makes for an exciting story that will captivate readers.

Coming from a family of cops, McCarthy always knew what his career path would be. A life-long Chicago resident, his father and great-grandfather were Chicago cops and Pat wanted to follow their example. Throughout the book, the author adds snippets of his childhood and family life, emphasizing that his Irish-Catholic middle class roots heavily influenced his destiny.

Although his time in uniform patrol was satisfying, McCarthy was thirsty for more than just answering radio assignments. His enthusiasm led him to more intriguing and danger filled assignments. He became a sniper on the SWAT Team, a gang specialist, and eventually, a member of the elite FBI Task Force. It was in this assignment where McCarthy used his expertise as an undercover agent, successfully infiltrating Asian organized crime. The results of his fearless role-playing led to the author receiving numerous awards and travelling to China to participate in organized crime panels.

Being a former Chicago cop and retired FBI agent, McCarthy’s story rang true for me. The language he uses, although some may deem offensive, is spot on and part of the real world of street cops. Some may accuse him of stereotyping—my response is everyone does it, but cops need to stereotype to stay safe. Their job requires them to think quickly, and that ability comes from past experiences. As McCarthy recalls some of his most interesting investigations, one would be hard pressed not to give him credit for his courage and commitment.

One of the axioms all cops know to be true is that each of us know when the time is right to retire. Pat McCarthy experienced that feeling and retired from the CPD on July 1, 2000. However, his legacy lives on in the spirit of his son, Ryan, who took the oath as a Chicago police officer in 2009. McCarthy and his wife, Gail, still reside in Chicago. The author remains active in retirement, travelling around North America delivering a three-day training seminar known as Street Crimes. Using his lifelong experiences in the police department and FBI task force, he discusses topics such as surviving police ambushes, police pursuits, deadly force encounters, and gangs and drug investigations among others.

I’m told McCarthy is working on a second book, Chicago Gang Cops. Judging from his debut effort, Gang Cops should be a best seller.

5 starsPat did a great job on this collection of war stories
By: rte66guy on March 19, 2016

I just received my copy of Pat McCarthy’s book and read it cover to cover in one sitting. A true and realistic account of what goes on in the life of an undercover cop. Gritty with no filter added, a must read for anyone interested in true stories from the mean streets of Chicago. Pat did a great job on this collection of war stories and I’m looking forward to his next book!

5 starsFive Stars!
By: Jennifer C de Zamacona


5 starsA Great Read!
By: Eldon Urbikas on April 4, 2016

A very captivating book from start to finish. You can only imagine what has been left out as you follow Pat’s career with the Chicago Police Department. I highly recommend it for those who have been in law enforcement, as well as those looking for an insight to some of the grittier sides of police work. I look forward to his next book.

5 starsA most realistic read about what it’s like to be a cop in Urban America
By: Clayton E. Searle on March 27, 2016

Could not put the book down. A most realistic read about what it’s like to be a cop in Urban America. Great stories both funny and tragic about events in this detective’s career. McCarthy makes you feel like you are there as he buys drugs from a homicidal maniac and searches for a robbery suspect in a dark alley. If you read any books about police work, this should be a top of your list.

5 stars
By: Jim Meyers on March 14, 2016

Pat McCarthy has written about a career and experiences that most people could not even imagine. As a former cop I feel Pat has certainly captured the excitement, thrill, and emotion of what the job is truly all about. It is a must read!

5 starsUnbelievably Good Read
By: Crys on March 26, 2016

I can see this book being turned into a TV series or movie! Unbelievably good read.

5 starsChicago’s Finest
By: Larry Fett on March 22, 2016

Outstanding account of one of Chicago’s finest! I found myself riveted by Pat McCarthy’s tales. His experiences are amazing and he tells the stories so you feel as if your there with him. Looking forward to reading his next book!

5 starsUndercover Police Work – Dangers & Rewards
By: Bruce Lanham on March 21, 2016

Excellent book. Takes you deep inside the everyday life of an undercover police officer. These are uncut, powerful stories of life and its negative side of drugs & crime in Chicago. You will start to read this book and not want to put it down

5 starsTrue & Gritty
By: mjbros on March 16, 2016

A true and gritty account of a cop’s life on the streets of Chicago